Problem Reported:

The top portion of the dial shows one message (example: “Sweet no snow today” or “Woohoo no snow” ) as it looks at snow forecast data, while the bottom portion of the dial displays a contradictory message (example: “currently snowing”) as it looks at current condition data

These data feeds originate from two different data sources.   We believe this has to do with the weather reporting that stations use for any given location (for the current condition portion). A weather station reports current conditions at its physical location, and that station then serves as the reporting point for a given area (which could be a 5 mile radius, 10 mile radius, or even greater distance depending on how rural the area might be). So there’s always a chance that what’s happening at the reporting station may not reflect exactly what’s happening 5, 10 or 20 miles away at the user’s location as determined by the device.